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 All praise due to our Lord for giving the vision, ability and energy to create this website. It is hoped that the information presented here was of benefit to you. The aim of this website is to be a learning source which makes it easy for people all over the world to access information and understand Islam, which can benefit us in this life and the next, by bringing us closer to our Creator. We should all try to break out of the normal work routine to help progress in our religion and invest in the hereafter. This site will hopefully refute lies and misconceptions against Islam, and at the same time also show the miracles and beauties of it. Non-Muslim visitors are encouraged to read the information that is being presented with an honest and open mind.

 May this site creates an interest in Islam for you and leads you to further study Islam deeper.  Your feedback and comments are welcomed. If you find any errors or have suggestions for improvements then please let them be known, your help will be greatly appreciated. This will help in improving the website and in sending the right message across, please save this site and help spread it and the message of Islam to those you know. If you also have any questions and queries regarding Islam then please don't hesitate to ask. This will help in the seeking of the truth so that we may all come to a common understanding and be rightly guided to the straight path.

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