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 Many people from all around the world, from all nationalities are coming to and embracing Islam. Even the places where there is most hostility towards Islam, such as in Europe and America, Islam is the fastest growing religion in these areas and indeed in the entire world. A more accurate word than conversion would be reversion for someone coming into Islam. This is because we are all born innocent and as Muslims. Islam is the instinctive religion for every human being. Every human instinctively knows that he is a created being, thus there must be a Creator. However, cultural and environmental elements cause humans to develop many distorted notions of the Creator, such as being idols, having children and partners etc. Islam teaches that God is One. He begets not nor was He begotten. This simple theology of Islam attracts millions of truth-seekers. This theology also holds the belief of all of Allah’s Messengers, including Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon them all. A person becomes a Muslim when he/she believes that there is no true God except Allah and Muhammad, peace be upon him is His slave, servant and Messenger. They then verbalise their belief, a single honest recitation of the Shahadah in Arabic is all that is required for a person to become a Muslim.

 "La ilaha illallahu Muhammadur rasulullah"

 “There is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”

 This phrase is the bedrock of Islam. The belief in the Oneness of Allah is called Tawhid and is a very important principle and prerequisite for being a Muslim. Tawhid  is to beleive that Allah is One and that there is none like Him. He has no partners, neither begets nor is He begotten. He is indivisible in person. He is eternal and is infinite. He has neither a beginning nor an end. He is Almighty, All-Knowing, All-Just and the Cherisher of all the worlds. The Guide, the Helper, the Merciful and the Compassionate.

Why Islam?

"Islam is perfection. Compared to other scriptures, the Quran is like the Sun compared to a match-stick. Anyone who reads the Word of Allah with a mind that is not completely closed to the truth will become a Muslim". Saifuddin Dirk Walter Mosing

“We are here to know, love and serve God. Islam furnishes the most comprehensive and understandable way to practice this on a daily basis”. Nuh Ha Mim Keller

"I came to Islam after reading the books written against Islam. I felt that these writers feared the dynamism of Islam. They put it to utter disgrace because they feared it". Dr. Khalid Sheldrick

"The teachings of Islam gained ground in my heart because there is no intricacy, confusion, contradiction or superstition in them".  Mussa Rwechungura

"It is pure monotheism. It has a clear moral system. No scripture expresses the message of the oneness of God as clearly as the Quran". Yahya

"Peace was slowly spreading over my heart as I began to read. I felt as if some of the passages of the Quran were written for me". Lynette Wehner

"Because you cover yourself up, you are not seen as a sex symbol, and because people can’t judge you on your appearance, they have to judge you as a human being. That’s quite liberating. You don’t need anything else once you have found Islam". Bahiya Malik (Lucy Norris)

"A lot of stereotypes kept me from studying about Islam. Later, the more I learned about Islam, the more my head and heart told me that this was what I was looking for all along. The Quran and books by Abu Ameenah Philips had a major impact". Sumayyah bint Joan (Angelene McLaren)

"What the Quran contains made sense to me. If you wish to take the right path, come to Islam- do not let ignorance or pride keep you away". Amina (Irish sister)

"The message of the holy Quran immediately attracted me and I am convinced that it is a divine revelation. I believe only Allah guided me, none else. I don’t know what made me deserve Islam". Abdur-Raheem Green

"It was my habit of reading that brought me to Islam. After coming to Islam, I still love to read but I am no longer searching for the truth". Shafeeq Abdullah Muhammad (Juan Alvardo)

"When I became a servant of Allah, I became liberated from all other forms of servitude. Others may think they are liberated but they are addicted to hoarding wealth, unlawful sex and intoxicants". Yahya Donald W. Flood

"I did not come into contact with any Muslim before I embraced Islam. I read the Quran first. Everything made so much sense. The Quran asks you to reflect and reason and not to worship the sun or moon but the One Who has created everything".  Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)

"The logical and fascinating style of The Quran penetrated deep into my soul. In Islam there is no irrational or unbelievable tenet or anything contradictory to modern sciences". Dr. Hamid Marcus

"Reading the Quran and listening to Muslims brought me to Islam. The logical and reasoning of the Quran and the scientific facts in it made it clear to me that this was not the work of a man, but the words of God". Ulf Karlsson

"I looked into the life of Muhammad (pbuh) without the spectacles of bigotry and malice, and was impressed by his great achievements for humanity. Islam is the most powerful Total Abstinence Association in the world". Sir Jalaluddin Lauder Brunton

"I wondered why Muslims even those who are drug addicts are all ‘dead sure’ that Islam is the true religion. One Muslim told me “Ask and when you have no more questions to ask, then convert”. After reading several books including “The basis of Muslim belief” (by Gary Miller), I could not find one single reason not to embrace Islam". Ihsan Chua Gim Sam

"I chose Islam rather than the illusionary freedom of secular life. If Islam oppresses women, why are so many educated young women all over the world abandoning ‘liberty’ and ‘independence’ and embracing Islam?" Nakata Khaula

"Cleanliness, an essential principle in medicine, is in Islam a commandment of Allah. Muslims are required to clean themselves before acts of worship, a requirement that I had not seen in other religions". Dr. Benoist Ali Saliman

"Other religions contain some truth. In Islam everything rests on truth. Islam provided the truest answers to my queries. Islam showed me the right way. To have peace and comfort in this world and salvation in the hereafter; I embraced Islam". Mesuda Steinmann

"Some people think that Islam is hard. The truth is Islam is easy. Allah does not wish any difficulty on the believers. Islam is my light at the end of the tunnel". Tavis Adibudeen

"Some say Islam’s inheritance law is discriminatory as it awards the male twice as much as the female. These people look at one piece of the puzzle and judge the whole picture. What they fail to say is that men have financial responsibilities in Islam that women do not have". Afrah Alshaibani

"Islam catered to the humanitarian in me. It offered brotherhood of man, equality, women’s rights, conservation of Earth’s resources, a purpose to life and the promise of eternal life in clear, precise terms. I eagerly stepped through the doorway and into Islam". Najibah Barham

"We need boundaries and guidelines. The problems in today’s world are due to humans not following the guidelines set by God. Everything in Islam is logical and natural. I now have the peace I was searching for". Robin Chami

"Eskimos have over 200 words for ‘snow’. Americans use different words for money. Muslims refer to over 99 attributes of Allah and that’s because it is Allah who is most important to them". C. Huda Dodge

"To some people, religion is a private concern like an amateur hobby. But when I read The Holy Quran, I knew that Islam is no hobby but life itself!" Maryam Jameelah (Margaret Peggy Marcus)

"I realized that Islam gives true equality not only to men and women, but to all races and classes, and individuals are differentiated only on their level of piety". Karima Slack Razi

"The Quran portrays God and the creation as I perceived them. I was overjoyed as my beliefs were verified. It made me believe that I had come home". Najibah Barham.

"When I read the Quran I cried in joy of finding the truth. I was graduating in microbiology at that time. The description of the embryological process in the Quran (unknown at that time) impressed me. Once I was sure the Quran is truly from God, I accepted Islam". Erin Sumaya Fannoun

"The teachings of Islam resembled the values I had been taught; belief in God, respect for others, truthfulness, courtesy, charity, and honour. In Islam these are integrated into a complete system that is easy to understand". Greg Noakes.

"I came to know that Muslims believed in all the previous prophets, the miraculous birth of Jesus (pbuh), that there is no original sin, there is no need for a mediator, that Jesus (pbuh) was a prophet and that there was another prophet, Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم‎. I found that I had discovered all the missing pieces that I had been searching for". Aminah Vanderdrift

"It seems that a western woman’s happiness hinges on her access to nightclubs, alcohol and revealing clothes; and the absence of such freedom in Islam is seen as an infringement of basic rights. Such superficialities have very little to do with true happiness". Haiqa Khan

"Islam is very practical, providing guidance on every aspect, including prayers, diet, cleanliness, manners and respect for parents. Right and wrong are definite in Islam. Limits are set. I was never able to find this in my previous religion. I thank God daily for the gift of Islam". Zahrah Riddle

"In Islam the rich must help the poor by giving them a percentage of their wealth (Zakat) annually. It is one of Islam’s commandments. Such an explicit requirement does not exist in other religions". Husain Rofe

"I found myself agreeing with what I was reading in The Quran rather than arguing against it. By the time I had finished reading it I was convinced that I had found something important and meaningful". Bushra Finch

"In Islam we worship The Creator. Others worship stones, or men as incarnations of God. You should worship the One that created everything. Reading the Quran will cut down your journey in search of the truth about life". Abd-ul-Waahid Paterson

"Standing in Arafah during Hajj was an exhilarating experience especially to see the concept of equality in Islam in practice. People of different colours, races, heads of state and ordinary men praying to God, all clad in two simple white sheets". Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)

"I didn’t read about Islam and became a Muslim. I read about Islam and discovered I am a Muslim. Allah guides who He wills. May Allah’s blessings be upon all believers. Ameen." Najm Uddin Clayton

"The Quran touched me in a way that nothing else ever had. When I read the Yusuf Ali translation, I just cried. Islam has grown into a living principle in my life. I am a better Muslim this year than I was last year". Joanne Richards

"The attraction I found in Islam was the belief in one Allah. In my earlier faith, I had to believe in three Gods, this was quite illogical to me. I realized that a religion based on belief in One creator is the true religion". Abdullah Battersby

"No one persuaded me to become a Muslim. In Islam I found the answers to my doubts and it satisfied all my expectations. I could not find them in my earlier faith. I therefore became a Muslim willingly". H.F. Fellow

"The more I learned and accepted Islam the better my life became. My inward rebellion and self pity dissipated as I submitted to Allah. Peace entered my life. I declared my faith in August 2003". Lisa Moore

I read the Quran to prove that Islam is wrong. The more I read, the more impressed I was by the logic, consistency and purity of Islam. The rest is history. I embraced Islam in 1967. Abu Mohammad Abdullah Yousef

"In Islam I found the real Jesus, as a leader of the believers, and a prophet to love as an example. It was Islam that made me love him". Abdul Azim (Greogor Shepherd)

"In the Quran, there is not hocus-pocus, no spookism, no mysticism, just plain, simple understanding “truth”. When I heard the call for the prayer, I felt closeness to God that penetrated my heart and soul". Abdussalam Sipes (Clinto Sipes)

"Muslims are the hardest people to convert to another faith because there is nothing to offer them! In Islam, there is a relationship with Allah, forgiveness of sins, salvation and promise of Eternal life". Khadijah Sue Watson

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