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 Islam has grown significantly to become the second largest religion in the world today. Islam has over 1.6 billion adherents, making up nearly 25% of the world population.. Islam is growing at a rate which is faster than the total world population growth each year. The U.S. Center for World Mission estimated in 1997 that Christianity's total number of adherents is growing at about 2.3% annually. This is approximately equal to the growth rate of the world's population. Islam is growing faster at about 2.9% and is thus attracting a progressively larger percentage of the world's population. At this rate, Islam would surpass Christianity as the largest religion in the world by the year 2023 CE.

Top 10 Largest Muslim Populations & Highest %
#  Country     Muslims  #    Country      Muslims   
  1.Indonesia Indonesia    204,000,000+1.  Morocco      99%+    
  2.Pakistan Pakistan 178,000,000+ 2.   Afghanistan    99%+    
  3.India India 177,000,000+3.   Tunisia99%+    
  4. Bangladesh Bangladesh       148,000,000+4.   Iran99%+    
  5. Egypt Egypt 80,000,000+5.   Mauritania      99%+    
  6. Nigeria Nigeria 75,000,000+6.  Yemen Yemen99%+    
  7. Iran Iran 74,000,000+7.   Tajikistan99%+    
  8. Turkey Turkey 74,000,000+8.   Iraq   98%+    
  9. Algeria Algeria 34,000,000+9.   Jordan 98%+    
 10.  Morocco 32,000,000+10. Somalia Somalia98%+    

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