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Perished Nations

 Throughout history, many societies and civilisations have suffered great catastrophes because of their blasphemy and perversion. These societies that rebelled against Allah and regarded His messengers as enemies were wiped off the face of the earth. All of them were destroyed, some by a volcanic eruption, some by a disastrous flood, and some by a sand storm. The extent to which a prophet unveils the truth upon his addressees is so profound and ultimate that any denial from them makes them worthy of death and destruction as a nation: 

 "Those who show hostility to Allah and His Rasul are bound to be humiliated. The Almighty has ordained that I and my Rusul shall be dominant."              (Qur'an 58:20)

 Therefore the direct addressees of a Rasul cannot triumph over Him, and they must be the losers in the end. This humiliation mentioned came in various forms. In some cases, the addressees were destroyed in their capacity as a nation since they denied their respective Rusul. The Holy Qur'an talks about these nations that have gone by that have perished, many of them have grown up, ruled vast amounts of land, and then faded away when their time came. Despite all their power and wealth, they disappeared off the face of the earth.

 "The Unbelievers will be led to Hell in crowd: until, when they arrive, there, its gates will be opened. And its keepers will say, "Did not messengers come to you from among yourselves, rehearsing to you the Signs of your Lord, and warning you of the Meeting of This Day of yours?" The answer will be: "True: but the Decree of Punishment has been proved true against the Unbelievers."                                                               (Qur'an 39:71)

 We shall examine these past societies and penalties suffered by them as a consequence of their actions; as revealed in the the Qur'an and in light of archaeological discoveries. Here are the true stories of these nations, such as the people of 'Ad, Lut, and the infamous Pompeii. Nearly all the incidents of destruction related in the Qur'an have become observab;e and identifiable thanks to current archive studies and archaeological finds. This further proves the validity of the holy Qur'an that it is from none other than Almighty God.



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